Soil Quality Control Testing

soil--testing-vancouverAdvance Testing provides soil quality control testing and aggregate testing services for a variety of infrastructure and building projects throughout British Columbia.

Our projects include residential and commercial development, Highway infrastructure, aggregate production and quality control.

 Our lab is certified by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) and is monitored regularly to maintain stringent controls. Our certified technicians perform all testing standards as required by ASTM, CSA and CCIL and results can be provided within 24 hours, often within the same work day. Field inspection services include density testing by nuclear method or sand cone, bearing capacity, Benkelman beam, determination of infiltration rate etc. Clearly written reports of inspection and testing activities are typically provided electronically within 24 hrs. of testing.

Soil Quality Control Testing:

  • In-Place Density Testing by Nuclear Method (ASTM D6938)

  • In-Place Density Testing by Nuclear Method (ASTM D1556)

  • Moisture-Density Relationships (ASTM D698/D1557)

  • Grain Size including sieve and hydrometer analysis (ASTM C117/C136/D422)

  • Benkelman Beam Testing (ASTM D4695)

  • Specific Gravity of Fine & Coarse Aggregates (ASTM C127/C128)

  • Atterberg Limits (ASTM D4318)

  • Soundness Testing (ASTM C88)

  • Micro-Deval – aggregate durability testing (ASTM D6928)