Asphalt Quality Control Testing

Asphalt Quality Control Testing Vancouver

Advance Testing provide asphalt quality control testing services to contractors and paving companies throughout British Columbia.

Our laboratory capabilities include Superpave, Marshall and Open grade asphalt mix designs and is certified by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL).

Our certified technicians perform all testing standards as required by ASTM, AASHTO and CCIL.

We also work closely with our clients during pavement placement operations to ensure that compaction has been met based on Ministry of Transportation Highway or MMCD Specifications. Advance Testing also provides asphalt investigation by coring and Benkelman Beam method.

Asphalt Quality Control Testing:

  • Field Compaction Control during placement with Nuclear Gauge

  • Coring for thickness & density (ASTM 5361)

  • Complete laboratory analysis of bituminous mix, including:

    • Marshall Test (ASTM D6926)
    • Super Pave gyratory compaction (ASTM D6925)

      • MTRD (Maximum Theoretical Relative Density)
      • Asphalt Content (ASTM D6307)
      • Air Voids (ASTM D3202)
      • VMA & VFA
      • Stability (Marshall) (ASTM D6927)
      • Flow (Marshall) (ASTM D6927)